Mission San Francisco Solano

Mission San Francisco Solano

I recently went to visit my good friends Michael and Paul in beautiful Marin County, California. I hadn’t been down since late 2011 and figured now was as a good a time as any to pop in for a visit. “...
New bus seats on the 135

That new bus seat smell!

There’s nothing quite like that new furniture smell – especially on your bus! I recently boarded a 135 Burrard Station bus outside my home in North Burnaby and noticed the bus smelled like new vinyl. ...
Happy National Coming Out Day!

National Coming Out Day

My Facebook feed tells me that today is “National Coming Out Day” and as a self-identified “professional gay” I thought it’d be good to write a little post. I consider myself visibly gay. ...
Western Family Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream tub art!

Usually the companies who produce four litre tubs of ice cream don’t put a lot of thought into the design of the lids so I was pleasantly surprised to see the incredibly cute and whimsical “lid art” o...
August 25, 1993 Dear Nathaniel, Thank you very much for your kind letter. It is always a pleasure for me to receive mail from young people such as you. My colleagues and I now look forward to building an even brighter future for all Canadians. We recognize the responsibility we have to you as part of the generation who will be affected most by the decisions we make today, and I appreciate your support. For your interest, I have enclosed a package on Canada's symbols which I hope you will enjoy. With warm regards, Yours sincerely, [signed] Kim Campbell

My letter from Kim Campbell!

When I was 12 I received a letter from the Right Honourable Kim Campbell who served as Prime Minister of Canada from 25 June 1993 until 4 Nov. 1993. “It looks like you got something from Ottawa here,”...