One year since jaw surgery

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On Jan 16, 2017 I got corrective jaw surgery at UBC Hospital, my first-ever surgical procedure. One year on I’m doing better than ever.

The day of jaw surgery
The day of jaw surgery

The surgery was successful, my recovery was brisk and my jaw feels stronger than ever.
When I first woke up from my operation I was overcome by this overwhelming sense of peace and even a bit of self-confidence.

Initially I thought might be the medication or diet but as the months passed I realized that this psychological shift was as enduring as the physical changes.

Over the last few years I’ve watched my face change for the better and have come to realize my ability to create positive change in my own life and perhaps the world at large.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr. Mark Reichman and all of the capable people who assisted him.

Here are some photos from the day of surgery:

UBC Hospital - Koerner Pavilion
The location of sugery: Koerner Pavilion at UBC
They used this tool to saw my jaw in half!
They used this tool to saw my jaw in half!
Some of the medical instruments used for my jaw surgery.
Some of the medical instruments used for my jaw surgery.
My first post-surgery meal... the receipt is a lie - there was no coffee. :(
My first post-surgery meal… the receipt is a lie – there was no coffee. 🙁
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  1. Hi Nathaniel,

    I was wondering, what type of jaw surgery did you get? Was it lower jaw surgery? I have booked my consultation with Dr. Reichman for July to fix my underbite. I’m feeling quite anxious about the whole process, so thanks for your helpful blog post!

    1. Hi Emily, I had a mandibular advancement. It was the first time I ever had any kind of surgery or incision whatsoever so I was super nervous but there was absolutely nothing to worry about. The pain and discomfort was minimal.

      In fact, the most painful part of the whole procedure was when I got a nasty eczema outbreak on my arm when the nurse shaved it with a cheap razor and no shaving cream.

      Dr. Reichman has done this procedure hundreds if not thousands of times and I have no doubt you will feel completely assured once you talk to him. If you have any other questions please feel free to shoot me an email which you can find in my “about” section.

  2. Nathaniel. My son may need jaw surgury also because of his extreme overbite. I wonder what your face before and after looked like. Did you see a significant difference?


    1. Hey Dave,

      I don’t notice a huge difference. I would say that I look the same… but better. That being said, many people who know me well noticed a difference in my profile and I definitely feel quite different.

      That is, my mouth works better. It’s easier to chew, talk and yawn.

      Here are some before and after shots:

      1. Hi Nathaniel
        im planning to consult Dr. Reichman to fix my assymmetric jaw not sure if I should call his clinic cause i have no odea if i can afford this treatment. can you please let me know how much in total you have spent for your jaw surgery and braces? or can you give me a rough breakdown? i would really appreciate your response

        1. Hi there,

          I don’t know the full cost of my braces as that was luckily covered by my insurance plan. Everything Dr. Reichman did in the hospital was covered by MSP so I only had to pay $4,800 for all of the work done at his office or outside the hospital. That includes a lot of presurgical stuff such as wax modelling and the like. Unfortunately these fees are not covered by any insurance policy but Dr. Reichman did fight to ensure that the stuff done in hospital is covered.

          He’s a good man.

          However, I am not sure if you can simply book an appointment. I feel like you would need a referral from a dentist or an orthodontist.

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