I got yet another handwritten card from Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

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Today my mailman buzzed my door and said, “delivery for Nathaniel Christopher from Her Majesty!”

This was a reasonable guess as the envelope was post-marked “Buckingham Palace” next to the Queen’s cypher.

I signed for the letter on my mailman’s ancient Windows CE computer and turned it over to see Camilla’s royal monogram.

The Duchess of Cornwall's Royal Monogram
The Duchess of Cornwall’s Royal Monogram

“Oh, it’s my annual card from Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall,” I exclaimed. “You know, Prince Charles’ wife… our next Queen!”

2017 card from HRH the Duchess of Cornwall
2017 card from HRH the Duchess of Cornwall

The other side of the card features a photo of Her Royal Highness taken by a very talented photographer named Chris Jackson. I’d like to buy a print.

I’m a big fan of the Duchess so for the past two years I’ve sent her a birthday card and  she always responds with a handwritten thank you card.  You can read about the 2015 card here and the 2016 card here.

July 2017 marked the Duchess of Cornwall’s 70th birthday as well as Canada’s 150th so I thought I would send her some special gifts this year.

I love heraldry and fine china so I thought it would be a nice idea to send her a china plate with the Canadian coat of arms. I found a Mason’s patent ironstone china plate on eBay which I date to 1929 or 1930.

I think it’s an especially beautiful rendition of the Canadian coat of arms and a suitable gift for a senior member of the Royal Family.

I also sent her a signed first edition copy of The Diary of Sophia MacNab” which was written by her Canadian second great-grandmother Sophia (MacNab) Keppel who was the daughter of Sir Allan MacNab, a premier of the Province of Canada.

My card and gifts for the Duchess of Cornwall.
My card and gifts for the Duchess of Cornwall.

I sent her a card with the following message:

I send you my best wishes for a happy birthday and a wonderful trip to Canada.

Since your birthday is so close to Canada’s sesquicentennial I have sent you two presents related to Canada!

Firstly, an autographed copy of The Diary of Sophia MacNab. I thought that you or one of your relatives might appreciate a nice reminder of your Canadian heritage.

Did any of your relatives ever share their memories of Sophia with you?

Secondly, I have sent you what I consider to be one of the the most beautiful renditions of the Canadian coat of arms on fine china.

I send it as a reminder of the many Canadians who respect you and and genuinely appreciate the good work that you do throughout the year.

For the card I chose a photo of my Royal Albert Totem Ware teacup and saucer.

Royal Albert Totem Ware Teacup
Royal Albert Totem Ware Teacup

I enjoy sending mail to people, especially members of the Royal Family. It breaks the monotony of life and it gives me something pleasant to think about.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. I did some pretty in-depth research on that case for a book that I never finished. I did extensive research at the National Archives but I had to put a fork in that project for my own mental health. It’s far too dark and morbid. Good luck with your screenplay!

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