Housemate’s WordPad notes fail to protect Khan from obesity

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Well, tonight I went to a wonderful Christmas party at my friend Caitlin’s house. Her mom and dad did a wonderful job feeding and drinking us up. They are probably the most gracious, kind hearted people I know.

But that’s not what I want to address here.

I come home and find this note on my computer:

Nathaniel - I fed Khan already (about 2 PM) you do not need to feed him again tonight. I also gave him lots of treats
Nathaniel – I fed Khan already (about 2 PM) you do not need to feed him again tonight. I also gave him lots of treats

It’s from my housemate. He’s worried that I feed my cat too much. There was a time not too long ago when Khan managed to “double dip” on his wet food servings by acting hungry as soon as one of us came home.  Housemate, for example, might feed Khan before going to work in the morning but by the time I wake up his food dish might be empty. Thinking he hasn’t had his morning wet food I’ll fill up his bowl.

Aware of this situation and ever worried about Khan’s expanding waste line housemate left me a note .

But why did he used crappy old WordPad instead of Microsoft Word? I asked him!

“It was just a quick little note,” says housemate. “WordPad is a smaller program which has the same functionality for small typing jobs. No spell checker etc of course but you can type into it and print stuff.”

Fair enough. But it would have been good if I saw this note BEFORE Khan approached me with his sweet “feed me” meows. But, housemate wanted to be kind to the environment and so he did the note on the screen.

So… here’s a shot of Khan eating his third feeding of the day:

Khan eating supper
Khan eating supper

Props to housemate who gave me a $25 Future Shop gift card. I used that to buy batteries for the camera that took this photo.

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  1. “feeding and drinking us”??, are these people vampyres or canibals?

    your cat is terrific, he’s HUGE !!

  2. Give an advise your Housemate to use Notepad for short massages. It smaller than WordPad.
    Beautiful story about your cat. I think he is happy with you.

  3. Satan I am not interested in what you have to say. I am a mormom so I am a Satan hater. Housemate kicks ass, he lets me bite the wires at the back of his computer towers.

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