Housemate wins the lottery – buys SunnyD

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Khan poses with Housemate’s lottery winnings.

Many working class people fantasize about what to do when they win the lottery but a fantasy for many became today a reality for my housemate who won $10 in the lotto.

A week or two ago Housemate purchased  what he described as a “222 ticket” who has since misplaced the ticket and receipt.

“I bought some of that fake orange juice,” he says. “You know, that stuff you hate. What do you call it. Ah, SunnyD!”

The SunnyD, according to Housemate, came to “$3 and some change” which leaves approximately $6.50 in change.

He asked me to use the $5 bill to buy some “beverages” a word we use to describe those 12 packs of Coke you can get. I, however, have no intention of going out to buy anything. I’m feeling lazy so the $5 will just have to sit in his wallet for a bit longer.

As for the change, he has “no idea” as to how he’ll spend it.

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  1. 1) Canadian money looks frickin weird. looks like monopoly money!
    2) What is wrong with sunny d? GOES great with cheap vodka!

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