Rest in Peace Galina

Nathaniel Christopher
Galina and I in 2000
Galina and I in 2000

“Reach for the stars, Nathaniel,” says my friend Galina. “And don’t be distracted by the mud at your feet.”

Galina gave me a reason to look up to those stars. She mapped out the universe, kept me fascinated with life and gave me faith in my spirituality and the good nature of this world.

Every time I looked at the stars I was reminded of what she told me, my dreams and our friendship. Tonight, however, I gaze upward desperately imploring the heavens to give me a sign that she’s up there somewhere. That she’s okay.

Galina died this week. She was 34.

I knew Galina my entire life. She was family.

In the coming days I intend to share some of my many wonderful memories of this incredible person.

I’m heading to Nanaimo tomorrow. I’ll post some more about her over the coming days.

Her website is was (archived)

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