Waffle failure at abc Country Restaurant

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Today I had breakfast at the abc Country Restaurant in Kensington Square here in Burnaby.

I felt like eating something “fun” so I ordered their Strawberry Waffle Supreme which is a Belgian waffle served with strawberries and whipped cream. It cost about $10 with tax. I ordered it to go, so they put the waffle in a Styrofoam container which also included smaller containers of strawberries and whipped cream.

abc waffle

The whipped cream portion was noticeably small and when I put it on the waffle I noticed a strand of someone’s black hair. That was gross. The small amount of whipped cream barely covered a quarter of the waffle’s surface area. Suffice to say, the creamy drizzle lent the dish a decidedly unappetizing appearance.

Hair in my waffle!

The strawberries, which probably came from a Sysco can, consisted of chunks of pulp floating in sickly sweet red syrup.

The waffle tasted okay when I added some ice cream, but after a few bites I felt something very hard in my teeth. I thought a filling had crumbled out but quickly realised the waffle was sprinkled with black mystery matter. I suspect it was burnt dough from a dirty waffle iron.

The final waffle

I get the impression that the folks at abc mustn’t take a lot of pride in waffle preparation. The food was of low quality, the presentation was nauseating and the hair didn’t improve things. I think it would have been better if they used fresh fruit in place of that canned stuff and gave up a little bit more whipped cream.

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  1. wow, what a screw. i’ve had better food at a run-down hotel’s $2 breakfast buffet. shit, i’ve had better waffles at a campground breakfast ran by people still drunk from the night before.

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