My eulogy to Galina

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Galina Pembroke July 24, 1975 - September 12, 2009
Galina Pembroke July 24, 1975 – September 12, 2009

I want to offer my deepest gratitude to the Mid-Island branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association for putting on Galina’s memorial service. They did an incredible job. It was very difficult but I managed to say a few words at her service:

When I was a kid my friend Galina told me to reach for the stars and not get distracted by the mud on the ground. It was the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me.

When someone dies it’s so easy to imagine what might have been if they were still alive. But with Galina’s passing it seems only natural for me to celebrate and honour what was.

Sometimes we remember someone who had so much potential. Indeed, Galina had great potential. But unlike most people I’ve known none of Galina’s potential went to waste.

She made full use of absolutely every gift and strength that she possessed.

She had the best work ethic of anyone I ever knew and she applied it to every area of her life: her writing, her volunteer work, fulfilling her personal goals, her relationships and her spiritual development.

Galina is proof that kind and gentle people can accomplish great things.

Indeed, Galina helped me see the stars… she was the brightest one of them all.

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  1. Hello Nathaniel

    I just came across your tribute to Galina when I was looking her up to see if she was on Facebook. I was shocked and saddened to discover that she had passed away in 2009.

    I was Galina’s Foster Mother when she was 16 to 18. When Galina first came to live in my home I knew in a very short time how extraordinary she was, especially her quick wit and sense of humor. She and my son Lee became fast friends. When Galina moved from my home I kept in touch with her over the years meeting her friend Shaun and getting the latest news on her mother Annette and sister Gabby. We got together at her apartments and at my new home. Then we lost touch and I was just thinking of her and how it would be wonderful to get together with her and share a cup of coffee and……here I find this terrible news. I can hardly believe Galina, so vital, is not with us anymore.

    Thank you so much for the lovely thoughts you posted – Galina was truly a gem.


    Barbara Napthine

  2. I just found out about Galina’s death. I attended a writing workshop she put on. She was so talented and a lovely soul. We tried to connect a couple of times but she and I were both very busy with volunteer work. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. How did she die?

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