Housemate leaves me a note in WordPad!

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Housemate has creative ways of getting my attention.

The other night he went onto my computer, composed a note in WordPad, and left the window open so that I’d read it when I came home. He’s done this before and I felt it was important for my readers to see the new note:

Housemate’s WordPad note

Wikipedia describes WordPad as “a basic word processor that is included with almost all version of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onwards.”

He’s done this before and back then he described WordPad as a smaller program which has the same functionality for small typing jobs. But why did he use it again? Surely Notepad or Word would suffice!

“I use WordPad because it’s a simple basic program to type quick notes on,” replied Housemate. “Notepad’s default font is too small in order to easily get your attention and I don’t need to open a big program like Word to leave a note on your computer.”

Well, I guess that clears everything up. Yes, did I manage to get Khan his insulin on time and the frozen Dr. Oetker pizza that Housemate heated up was okay.

Thank you for the note, Housemate!

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  1. I use Wordpad all the time. Housemate is a FUCKING BEAST!!! We need to get house mate laid. HOUSEMATE W00t w00t!!!!

    Housemate has never made a single attempt at Khan’s life. I respect a man who lets a cat live.

  2. lol! Thanks Dolly… I identify as Khan’s owner (not his parent) and Housemate kindly assists me to that end! 🙂

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