I asked the environment minister about his cat!


British Columbia Environment Minister Terry Lake stopped by Brentwood Town Centre this morning to announce the government’s decision to partially fund electrical vehicle charging stations across the province.

While I think it’s a great initiative I was more interested in his cat.

I recently read through the official biography of every MLA in British Columbia for a project I was working on. Most members mention their partners, children and so forth but Lake is the only MLA to mention a cat.

I’ve wanted to ask him about this for some time but never got around to it. Today, however the heavens smiled upon me when I was picking up some household items at Brentwood Mall, which is the closest mall to my house. Lake happened to be there, I had my video camera, so I whipped it out and asked him about his cat.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Well, this video was not made for political purposes. Cats do not have any political affiliation. It was just a lovely exchange between two devoted cat owners. As a person, I thought he was very nice! 🙂

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