A drug addict’s dream come true!

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For those of you who don’t know my cat is diabetic.  I have to supply him with diabetic cat food, blood-glucose tests, insulin and insulin needles. After I inject him with his insulin I deposit the needle into the yellow needle disposal container.

As you can see it was getting kind of full:

My cat's needle bin is full
My cat’s needle bin is full

Housemate, who is not the biggest fan of needles, was taken aback by the sight of an overstuffed needle bin on the coffee table.

”I think it’s time you disposed of that,” he said. “It looks like a drug addict’s dream come true!”

My cat Khan next to his insulin needle bin
My cat Khan next to his insulin needle bin


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  1. I might be wrong here, but I actually think there is a law (or maybe just a suggestion) that sharps containers are not allowed to exceed 75% (or something like that) of their capacity. At work, we have to call and have the needles be picked up once the container is 75% full otherwise we are violating our safety regulations. DO IT!

  2. Dolly I currently buy Khan’s insulin and needles from the Burnaby Heights Pharmasave. They are very reliable but the pharmacist never smiles or talks to me. She does, however, give me a free disposal bin with my insulin purchase. Still… it’d be nice to buy Khan’s insulin from a pharmacy where they actually like talking about cats!

  3. ms. marshmallow: EXACTLY! Poor housemate is so out of the loop with drug culture! But yeah, the fact that it made no sense is what makes it funny… especially coming from someone so well-spoken and well-educated… he’s a PhD for cryin’ out loud! heh

  4. Also, I have to disagree with Housemates simile.

    Used needles are not a drug addict’s dream come true. A neverending supply of drugs would be the drug addict’s dream come true. Or perhaps a loving hand from God to help lift the drug addict out of his/her addiction and find the way.


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