Post apocalyptic ice cream

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Call me old fashioned, but when I buy ice cream I like to be sure it’s actually ice cream and not that vile concoction “frozen dessert” that many companies like to pass off as ice cream.

It can be hard to find real ice cream. Companies like Nestle and Bryers tend to emphasize words like “creamy” and “rich” but display the words “frozen dessert” in what I think must be the smallest font size allowed by law.

If you want real ice cream you are probably better off sticking to the generic brands which seem to have resisted the frozen dessert trend so far.

This, however, should not be interpreted as an endorsement of all no-name iced cream flavours. Some of them are downright nasty and there’s no better time to peruse the bunk flavours than an ice cream sale.

Safeway recently had a sale on their store brand ice cream: three bucks for a two litre box!

“You should hurry down there and get some,” advised Housemate. “Otherwise all the good flavours will be gone.”

Well, it turns out he was right. I waited a while and most of the good flavours were gone by the time I got down to Safeway. Here’s what the ice cream section looked like:

Nasty ice cream flavours

It was just the less popular flavours including mocha almond fudge, rum and raisin, and tin roof sundae. Yuck! Who the hell would eat that? Probably just Gino…

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  1. Tin roof sundae is very good. I do not eat sugar so I do not eat ice cream. Which of those did you end up buying?

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