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In case you don’t know Housemate and I drink a LOT of beverages which is his euphuism for pop. It’s hard to say how much we drink – I try not to count. But whenever I start to run out of space to store the cans I take them back to the local Return It Centre for the refund.

A couple of months ago I was taking in all the cans when I heard a woman at the checkout exclaim “$6.66! Just give me $6.65. I can’t accept anything with ‘666’. That’s the devil’s number!”

I refuse to let such an open display of insane superstition go unchecked in my neighbourhood so I laughed and told her she was being ridiculous.” It’s just a number, madam,” I said. “It can’t hurt you!”

But apparently she’s not alone in her fear. According to Wikipedia there’s actually a word to describe the fear of 666. It’s called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. Oy!

On March 19 I too was confronted with the number of the beast when I turned in all my cans and bottles. Here’s the receipt:

As you can see I returned 108 cans of Coke. Which is probably a month’s worth of beverages between Housemate and myself. Go ahead, do the math and figure out how much Coke I drink!

Four bottles of wine
Four bottles of wine… and some baby wipes for Khan.

Oh yeah, all those bottles of wine and cans of alcohol came from a single party. It was fun! Here’s a photo of the wine:

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    1. Gail would be proud that I’ve managed to turn wine into a profit! She feels the same way about pot as well, apparently!
      Gail's pot

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