I saw my dinner plate on Hoarders!

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This post is lovingly dedicated to my friend Yvonne in honour of her recent dish-shopping excursion.

When I was watching Hoarders a few weeks ago I noticed something quite familiar: My dinner plate!
In the Joanne/Kristi episode which first aired on Jan. 30, the camera briefly zoomed in on a Corelle dinner plate which in true Hoarders fashion, was sitting on a flimsy bag of old cat litter.

Joanne’s daughter Robayn explains:

"There's a bag of used cat litter with cat shit and cat piss all in it. It's broken open and it's on top of the dirty dishes!" -Robayn from Hoarders

When I paused and zoomed in on the hoard I discovered the plate was from Corelle’s “Old Town Blue” line. I would know because I’ve stared at that damn pattern for most of my life and seeing it again on Hoarders made me realise that it’s time to buy some new dishes.

Launched late 1972, Old Town Blue is the fifth Livingware pattern. This design, created by artist Cynthia Gerow, is a version of the centuries-old blue onion pattern associated with Meissen of Germany. It was the first Corelle pattern to come with hook-handle cups and fully decorated bowls. Although it is officially stated that Old Town Blue is discontinued, it is still in production and can be purchased at factory outlet stores.

Nathaniel eating supper
Nathaniel eating supper (Photo by Yuri Doric https://twitter.com/yuridoric)

When I was a child I ate off those plates, when I was 17 I  brought a few to my first apartment, and today I still have one. My friend Yuri Doric took this relatively recent photo of me eating dinner off of it:

My dishes, frankly, are an embarrassment. My friends are the centre of my life and having them over for dinner is one of my greatest joys. And frankly, it’s a little embarrassing to serve them dinner on these shitty plates:

Shitty dinner plates
Shitty dinner plates

I am not a materialistic person, but I don’t want to live in squalor. Wearing ragged clothes, sitting on broken furniture, and eating off crappy old dishes is downright depressing and entirely unnecessary. It’s not about being a snob but I think it’s important to have some basic standards.

Mismatched thrift store swag just don’t cut it any more!

Living like some kind of dumpster goblin doesn’t seem to faze some people but I’m tired of it so I’m going to go out and get a nice new set of dishes at some point in the near future.

Are you up for a trip to Costco, Steph?

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  1. You know…it is supposed to be the “in” thing to have mismatched plates and such. I would keep them!

  2. Hey Dolly! Gosh, you know it’s time to get new things when your house becomes a museum to everyone’s childhood! Perhaps we shall do some shopping upon your triumphant return to British Columbia!

  3. We had those dishes too and so did my grandparents. Brings back memories. Shall we pick something up when I’m in Vancouver?

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