My cat is an extreme couponer!

Whenever I’m eating something like fish, chicken, ice cream, or a pastry I can be sure that Khan will plonk himself as close to me as he can get to let me know that he wants what I’m eating. IT’s normal for cats to beg for food, I suppose, but Khan is a bit unusual in that he begs for paper.

Sometimes when I take the mail in or go through the recycling Khan will intently stare at some piece of paper I’m holding and meow soulfully at me until I give it to him. He’ll then plop himself on the paper, nuzzle it, and hold onto it as though it was his kitten.

He particularly loves glossy paper – like condo brochures and coupons. Here he is hangin’ on to a coupon for Quiznos:

Khan clutching a Quizno's coupon

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