Being green with penny stamps!

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A couple weeks ago I visited my old friend Steph in Nanaimo. We went to a silent auction at the Royal Canadian Air Caedts hall where she won some yoga stuff and I won a $50 gift certificate to Future Shop. It was a wonderful weekend but in my rush to catch the ferry I left the gift card on Stephanie’s table. d’oh! Fortunately she mailed it off to me but it wasn’t what was inside the envelope that made my day.

She addressed the letter “Mr. Marmalade Christopher”, a name I like to give when a business needs my name to call over the loudspeaker for any reason.

The name may be fake, but the stamps are not. Postage recently went up to 57 cents but Stephanie still has some old 48 cent stamps kickin’ around. Not enough? No problem for Steph! She has loads of 2 cent stamps stuffed away in one of her flimsy Ikea drawers.

So, in addition to the 48 cent stamp there are also four two-cent stamps and one one-cent stamp.

“I had enough to do it in all .02ยข stamps,” wrote Stephanie on the face of the envelope. “But they wouldn’t fit ๐Ÿ™‚ wink”.

Letter from Stephanie
Letter from Stephanie

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  1. LOL I’ve done that many many moons ago when I used the post office to mail things. I have no idea what American postage is up to, I haven’t mailed a letter or bill in quite some time…

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