The Yaletown cupcake hunt

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“I want cupcakes!” I demand.

I’m  hanging out with my friends Jess, Paul and Michael. We’re walking their dog Buster  when I am overcome with an insatiable craving for cupcakes!

There are a few chain stores in Vancouver that are dedicated to selling just that, but they are located several blocks away from where we are.

“I’m not sure where to get cupcakes around here,” says Michael.

“They sell ‘em at Starbucks!” I declare.

“Well then why don’t we go check out Starbucks and then if they don’t have them there we’ll go to Choices [a grocery store] and get a whole bunch of really good ones!” I’m not sure that Michael or Jess want to inhale a plate of carbs and sugar but they are incredibly supportive of my demand/desire to do so.

We arrive at the Yaletown Starbucks and as soon as I open the door my gaze zeroes in on a platter of seven cupcakes. My gaze drags my body right to the curved glass pastry display.

“How much for all of them?” I ask the young barista. “I want all of the cupcakes!”

Before he can answer I start to haggle. “If I buy all of ‘em can you give me some kind of deal?”

He gives me a knowing smile and offers to throw one in for free and waive the GST.

“Kick ass!” I say feeling quite proud of myself. “I got us a better deal for cupcakes!”

I pay for the cupcakes, which came to something like $13, and wait for a while. I thought for a moment that they simply forgot my request but when I crane my head behind the counter I notice three staff people carefully gift wrapping the cupcakes like the treasures they are.

They placed the three vanilla cupcakes in individual gift boxes and the four chocolate cupcakes in a four-pack container thing. They then placed them in two lovely gift bags.

Starbucks cupcakes
Starbucks cupcakes

The three of us decide to eat one of the cupcakes on the Starbucks patio and then bring the other four back to Michael and Paul’s house and pretend that we had only bought four, thus scoring an additional cupcake. Paul had gone back to his house with the dog earlier, so he would never know.

Michael and Jess
Michael and Jess

The cupcakes were a bit stale but still extremely yummy. Someone compared it to an explosion of sex in their mouth.

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  1. The fact that you haggled the price makes me swell with the pride of a mommy bear.

  2. The cupcakes were the perfect foil to a healthy dinner of seafood udon and dynamite rolls! We deserved a little crack after that!

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