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My friend Geordie lives in London, England. He and I were in the same journalism program at Langara College. He moved to the UK shortly after we finished our program but we’ve always kept in touch.

He started off as a staff writer at Money Management Magazine in 2007 and is now the Supplements Editor (that’s a British title). He is proof that there still is hope for a viable career in print journalism.

Khan sitting on a copy of Money Management Magazine

I was very curious to read his work so he mailed me copies of Money Management and the supplements. Apparently, I am the only person in Vancouver who has a current issue of this magazine.

Money Management magazine was first published in 1962 as The Unitholder and its name was changed to Money Management in 1970. The magazine and its journalists have so far been awarded 37 first prizes for its journalism, and 29 runners up prizes.

The Financial Times Limited

I read the magazine and found it really boring. Although it’s rich in content and very well written. I couldn’t read a paragraph without completely glazing over. It really wasn’t written for me ’cause I don’t know a damn thing about money. Someone like my friend Dolly Iris would probably get more out of it. She’s good with money.

But my cat Khan sure liked it!

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