Pie drama bonanza

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We have an issue with pie at my household.

My housemate was visiting his parents on the island over the long weekend. He brought home a nice apple pie that his mother mother made. He kindly offered me a very good pizza but made it clear the pie was off limits.

“My Mom gave me more wine so now there are two bottles in the fridge. Please do not consume them!” says my housemate. “She also sent some apple pie back with me. DON’T EAT IT.”

Here’s the pie his mom made:

Homemade apple pie
Homemade apple pie

Housemate thinks I “gobble up” all the apple pie before he even gets a slice. Although this has been true in the past, I’ve kept my hands off of the last few pies he’s brought home.

Here’s exhibit b. A pie he got back in June. He told me not to touch it and I didn’t. It has an expiration date of July 21, 2009:

Wal-Mart apple pie
Wal-Mart apple pie

Upon learning this fact (by reading this entry over my shoulder) housemate exclaimed “Oh no, it’s expired! I’ll have to throw it out.”


I really wanted to eat the pie… the new one that is. But I resisted. I was hungry and wanted something sweet. But more importantly, I wanted to annoy housemate. But I figured I might be able to do that without eating his pie.

So… I took bits of the old pie and crumbled it over this note and left it on his computer chair:

Note written with pie
Note written with pie

He said it was “gross” to leave old food on a note.

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