Caught Stealing

I was at the Harewood Arms Pub Liquor store in Nanaimo the other day when I saw this, the biggest anti-shoplifting sign I’ve ever encountered:

Anti-theft sign at the Harewood Arms Pub Liquor Store in Nanaimo, BC.
Anti-theft sign at the Harewood Arms Pub Liquor Store in Nanaimo, BC.

This is a liquor store in the neighbourhood of my youth. Harewood is an area of south Nanaimo that used to be a separate municipality. It’s got a very strong sense of community and identity compared to other areas of Nanaimo. When people ask me where I grew up I tend to say “Harewood” before Nanaimo.

Anyways, this particular liquor store is in the corner of Harewood where I grew up. It used to be called “Five Acres” on account of the farms that were there, but now it’s just grouped in with the rest of Harewood.

It was my first visit back to the place where I grew up in years… apparently this particular store has had a lot of problems with shoplifting. This guy, in particular, took a bunch of bottles of gin and other expensive booze.

I am not sure if he’s in custody or not.

Based on his photo who do you think he is? What’s his story? Why do you think he robbed the Harewood arms Liquor Store? I want YOUR comments!


  1. He’s a ninja, for sure. I used to know someone who stole from there all the time and never had her picture up. It’s probably a conspiracy!

  2. Maybe he wanted his “15 minutes of fame” otherwise known as “Why do you want to see your ugly mug on the front page of a magazine or in the news?”

    Hey, wait a minute! That’s my boyfriend!

  3. Yeah, it does seem kind of sketchy. I see that in a lot of Vancouver stores. When I used to work at Future Shop they’d post photos of known shoplifters in the back room. But it wasn’t in public view.

    It’s not illegal to post photos of alleged shoplifters like this, but the police generally prefer that you call them as these photos tend to scare shoplifters away. Instead of getting caught they just go off and shoplift elsewhere.

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