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Sarah and Khan cuddle over a beer
Sarah and Khan cuddle over a beer

I had a wonderful dinner party on Saturday night.

There was no real occasion for it. But I guess I’m trying to do “normal” adult things.

I love having my friends over but never make a good enough excuse to bring them all together in Burnaby. But the prospect of a lovely British roast beef supper brought them all out.

I bought a wonderful 2.5 kg. roast beef from Cioffi’s, which is arguably Burnaby’s best meat market.

I’ve made roast beef dinners twice before so I knew what to do in order to keep it from fucking up. I made honey glazed carrots, roast potatoes, vanilla cake and my friend Janean made the Yorkshire pudding.

Everyone invited showed up and everything was eaten. There were no more roast, potatoes or alcohol at the end of the evening. There was, however, three large slabs of cake left.

Janean who came down from Prince George. I went to Trent with her and we lived together in first year. She was the only straight person in attendance. My good friends Sarah, Alina, and Shantel are all lesbians.

It’s also worth pointing out that there were three Ontarians: Sarah, Janean and Shantel.

Everyone had something in common with everyone else. It was a lovely evening that brought each of us closer together. I hope to do this on a regular basis and I hope even more people come out for the celebration of life, lesbians and dead cows!

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  1. What a luxurious dinner. Mmm, I love roast beef. Your cooking habits have changed dramatically in the past few months. I’m so happy for you. I bet you’re feeling a lot better now too!

    Now you see why I hold dinner parties. I’m glad everyone made it out and that you had a great time. I’m definitely going to have to make it over for one of your dinners.

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