My housmate hates Dixie!

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My housemate doesn’t have anything nice to say about the South. He always says nasty things about Alabama and Georgia and refuses to read the Alabama newsletter I put out. Well… he certainly “scans” it, but he’ll say “Why the fuck do I care what happens down in an Alabama library?”

It makes me sad.

Not only does he refuse to honour the South, he always focuses on the negative.
So, you can imagine my surprise yesterday when he beamed in the door with a bag of “Dixie cups”. Those are little individual servings of ice cream that come in those yougurt-like containers.

“My mom used to get these for me all the time when I was a kid,” he said. “I’m going to go eat these!”

At that point I told him to back up a bit. “You hate Dixie but you’ll eat Dixie cups,” I said. “That doesn’t make sense, and it’s not right!”

“Well, actually these are not really Dixie Cups,” he said. “This is the Lucerne brand, and besides, Dixie was legally absorbed into the union after the war.”


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  1. That seems like a contridiction. My last post I mean. Ok Dave. You win.

    By the way what di you vote for in the other poll.

    Fancy women ?

    Slot machines?


    I voted for Fancy Women. As did Shantel.

  2. Dave thanks for being a major buzzkill on this. Yes it is a false choice. We were having fun you show off. You came in and showed off your big brain and copy and pasted some one elses view point. Mr . Buzzkillington……..

    By the way.. This is not a false choice. A real Choice. Either your with Dixie or your against it.

  3. The “Dixie Cup” (the drinking cup brand we know so well) was invented in Boston. Its connection with Dixie appears only to be coincidental.

    I presume the ice cream incarnation follows a similar lineage.

  4. the argument that your roommate’s indifference or dislike for the South contradicts his appreciation for Dixie cups is rooted in a number of logical fallacies such as the fallacy known as a “false dilemma” . president Bush’s statement, “you’re either with us, or against us” is an example of a “false dilemma”.

    the black and white thinking inherent in your argument precludes the possibility that the word “Dixie” can have different meanings to different people depending on the time period and cultural context. i think this might explain why your roommate likes Dixie cups without necessarily liking the South.

  5. Housemate is being quite hostile. Just because he bought them does not entile him him to eat them. In the past Slaves were payed for. According to your login that means they have a right to own them. Shame on you.

  6. As it happens, I also used to eat them at school every now and then. 🙂

    And I most certainly AM allowed to eat Dixie Cups, since *I* bought them! 🙂

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