How to get free Coke

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I drink a lot of Coke and so when I run out I get a bit crazy. I usually keep an emergency stash of Coke for times like this, or failing that I always have lot of cans and bottles that I can cash in to buy some more.

Today I had none of that.  I am without Coke and no backup.  But my brother had a brilliant idea.

We were having dinner at McDonald’s and suggested I take advantage of the free refill policy.

Empty McDonald's cup

“Just bring a giant jug, get a bunch of refills and pour them into the jug,” he advised.  It’s a great way to survive through the Coke lulls.

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  1. We did similar things at the McDonald’s I worked at when I was in university. Kids would come in and ask for a cup of water, so we’d give them those old fashioned white cups with the yellow Ms that circle around them. If they wanted a refill, all they got was water. If those cups weren’t around, we’d put a W on the bottom. Actually, I never did that stuff because back then I was too surly to be working at the front counter.

  2. I had a friend in Edmonton that worked at McD’s in West Ed Mall and they used to put X’s on the cups when they refilled them because mall rats would keep the cups for weeks! lol

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