Lamest excuse to not hold Khan… EVER

Nathaniel Christopher 5 Comments

So… my housemate David is sitting in his room, minding his own business enjoying his lunch when I burst in unannounced and thrust my cat onto him.

“I already petted him today,” says David. “But he was asking to see you and he says you only pat him, you didn’t actually cuddle him,” I retort.

David then tells me that he can’t cuddle Khan because he’s eating and the cat is supposedly “dirty”. According to David Khan “lies in dust all day” so he won’t be able to hold him while he’s eating. Lame!

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  1. HAHA. I’m sorry but being allergic to cat dander I would have to go with David’s answer.

    Still, I love you and Khan very deeply!


  2. I told you, I’m not touching him while eating food. It’s a standard food safety precaution. And our carpets ARE a bit dusty, but you exaggerated my statement.

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