What I want for my birthday

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My birthday is next Saturday, that’s June 28 for those of you without a calendar.

Nobody’s asked what I want, and I really don’t expect anything. But if I had to have one thing for my birthday it’d be this:

It’s not a photocopier, but a self-cleaning litter box! Sometimes I’m too lazy to do it the manual way so my poor kitten has to wallow in his own waste until the smell compels me to act.

Sometimes when it gets really dirty he will carry that awful litterbox stench around the house. I’m getting fed up. So, unless someone buys me and Khan an automatic litter box I’ll have to be more attentive to the situation.

They are about a hundred bucks and you can buy them at PetCetera or Wal Mart or wherever. BUY ME ONE!

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