It’s my birthday!

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It’s my birthday today!

I’m in Nanaimo with a bunch of old friends for a night of debauchery and fun. I’ll post photos and videos later.

Anyways, we went to the Dairy Queen to pick up my birthday cake. They wouldn’t put a photo of a vagina on it so we’ll have to decorate it ourselves. The Dairy Queen has never changed. It’s got the same old decorations and stuff from when I was a kid. Including this old juke box with a crappy selection of songs:


Anyways, to honour myself today I’ve posted this nice birthday song by one of my favourite singers. John Williamson from Australia. This is from his 1999 album.


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  1. *SShhh I am not here.*

    Hello and happy belated b-day. Its been a long time. Give a hug to Ang and Gino when you see them for me.

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