Khan did something very very bad

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Okay… My housemate has computers – lots of  ’em. He loves Khan but warns him NEVER to go near the computers, especially the server that holds this site.

Khan has a habit of running behind Dave’s computers. That’s the only time when Dave speaks to Khan in a tone that might not be considered affectionate. Indeed, he loves Khan but the thought of the grey furball migrating in between the various video cards, cables and hard drives of his nice computer doesn’t sit well with him.

The only thing Dave does that annoys me is when he eats the ends off the loaf of bread, leaving me the dried out interior. He doesn’t do that anymore, but that’s the worst thing he’s ever done in the years I’ve lived with him. So, you’d think the least I could do is keep the cat out of his computer… right?


Khan sitting next to the server!

Did this really happen?

Maybe in Photoshop land… This is where I ask everyone to donate to poor Housemate’s heart attack fund. He did NOT deserve this!

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  1. I think you should find an old sheet and cover the computers up that aren’t being used. Tuck the sheets under the bottom edges so that Khan can’t get “personal” with them.

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