Queen Victoria’s computer

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It’s gotta be my favourite form of public art in British Columbia – elementary school murals.

Today I discovered a real gem at John Robson Elementary School in New Westminster. They have this wonderful mural depicting important events in the area’s history. At the centre Queen Victoria appears to be holding a computer mouse with her right hand while gazing off into the distance – away from the monitor. It’s a shame she’s not actually facing the keyboard as I’d love for her to fire off some emails.

Queen Victoria mural at John Robson Elementary School in New Westminster, B.C.

This mural was painted about a decade ago so the computer is a bit dated. My housemate, a huge computer geek, thinks it’s an Apple GS II.

By Ruben de Rijcke – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

I MUST get this image printed on t-shirts! It’s a friggen acid trip.

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