People who collect fryers on their front porch…


I walk by this house every day… the box in front of their house is meant to collect junk mail. The text says “Please [down arrow] Fryers Thank you!” I think they meant to say “Flyers”. Bless their hearts!


In other news. I was at the bakery this afternoon buying buns, cake and so forth and this woman was taking FOREVER in the lineup. She was looking at every little thing in the display cases and kept on asking to see it up close or whatever. There was only one staff person at the till so she monopolised their time for a good twenty minutes. I go to this place all the time – the staff here are incredibly kind, patient and easy going, but sometimes an annoying customer can really be a time vacuum. Her bill came to $8.54 and she paid the ENTIRE thing in small change! She then went back to the other end of the counter to ask for some more items and when I FINALLY thought she was done she asked for a job application and filled it out right there.


I got this photo of her.


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