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Nathaniel Christopher


As some of you may know I recently returned from a week-long trip to Quebec. I went out there to be with one of my dearest friends as she celebrated her 30th birthday. She recently moved to Quebec from our hometown on Vancouver Island.

Moving across the country is not always easy – I would know. In 2002 I moved from Vancouver to Peterborough, Ontario and while I count those years as the most productive and rewarding of my life the initial transition was a very lonely period. And while I know that my friend will do well in her new home it pained me to think that she may be feeling the same homesickness and detachment that I felt out East.

So, mindful of the support she gave me while I lived in Ontario, I made a plan to come see her (and her two beautiful cats) as an affirmation that her friendship will always be an integral part of my life no matter where she lives.

So, on Oct. 17 I flew to Montreal. It was my first trip to Montreal in 10 years and my first visit to Eastern Canada since I moved back to British Columbia in 2005.

It was wonderful to reconnect with my old friend and her boyfriend in their new environs. Now whenever she talks about the places and people in her day-to-day life I’ll be able to say “I’ve been there!” or “I met them!” I especially enjoyed getting to know her boyfriend’s family. I spent quite a bit of time with them and think they are the loveliest people I’ve ever met and one of many reasons to return for another visit as soon as I can.

A quote by former US First Lady Pat Nixon (1912-1993) sums up my feelings about my trip to Quebec and the people I met there:

Even when people can’t speak your language, they can tell if you have love in your heart.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, (French: Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal).
The view from Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal.
This place, remiere Moisson, was the best bakery I’ve ever eaten at!
“I want those pink things!” I told the cute guy behind the counter. His name was Alexis X. and he told me, in French, that my French was “very good”!
This is called “Macaron Rose-Framboises”. It was, without a doubt, the yummiest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. MMMMMMMM!
This is where they keep the heart of Saint André Bessette.
A close up of Saint André Bessette’s heart!
These wooden statues were giving me a nasty look…
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