NEWSFLASH: Housemate enjoys cruddy no-name orange pop!

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orange pop
orange pop

In honour of Dolly Iris I thought it’d be fun to make a personal finance post.

I drink a lot of pop. I love Coke, but can tolerate Pepsi or R.C. Cola. But no name colas and non-cola pops, however, are nasty wastes of sugar that I won’t touch.

Housemate, however, wouldn’t kick a can of no-name, non-cola pop out of bed for eating crackers. Today, in fact, he came home with a 12 pack of Life brand orange pop from Shoppers Drug Mart for only $1.99 plus tax and deposit! This is the cheapest pop we’ve ever bought.

“Unlike you I’m not one to turn my nose up at the taste of generic orange drink,” says Housemate who didn’t mind the taste. “It’s not bad but I mean, it won’t win any taste competitions but it’s not horrible.”

So yeah, if you like crap and are criminally cheap then head on down to your local Shoppers and stock up on store brand orange pop!

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