NEWS: Housemate won’t name wireless connection after the cat!

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Khan with the router
Khan with the router

Today Housemate bought a new wireless router to replace the old piece of junk which has some issues with connection speed.

When he set up the wireless account for our apartment I enthusiastically stated “Ooh! You’re naming it after the cat!”

I stated this, I didn’t ask it at first because I assumed that he, like every other kind-hearted person in this country, knows that you are you supposed to name your wireless account after any pets in the house.

When I use my laptop at my friend Stephanie’s house, for example, I connect to her kitty Emma. It’s nice, but sadly I’ll never be able to have that wireless link up with my own cat, Khan. Housemate adamantly refused to do the right thing and name our wireless connection.

“You and I won’t live together forever,” he explained. “Eventually you’ll move or I’ll move and it won’t make sense to have his name attached to it.”

He says this despite the fact that he’s changed the wireless account name at least three times in the last three years. Surely if him or I were to move it wouldn’t be so difficult to change the name and even if housemate and Khan part ways, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little reminder of his sweetness?

When I use my laptop I would like to connect to my happy, treat-guzzling kitten not some character in a science-fiction novel on one of housemate’s dusty shelves. In this case the character came from a Roger MacBride Allen novel.

I tried to compromise and suggest that he name the connection “Khan” not in honour of my cat but the character Khan Noonien Singh from that Star Trek movie.

Alas, Housemate refuses to give an inch on this. He may have won this battle but the struggle will live on! One day this apartment will enjoy wireless service through the cat!

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  1. “Khan looks like an asshole …”

    That was funny, I laughed. Not sure it is true.

    I hope I meet Khan one day the cats here only speak French—

  2. Hah! That’s sweet, Ian! 🙂 How many kittie sdo you have at the moment? I’d love to see you do a blog post about them.

  3. In using various ISP’s here in Barbados, I have had “fivepaws” when there were so many cats in the house, when there were more it changed to “CatCo” (Cat Company) but cats succumb to old age and all else so we have avoided the habit since – but I do want more moggies soon! My wireless is called after my house’s name “AmorGrande,” which is the new name we gave it when we moved in 10 years ago!

  4. khan looks like an asshole in that picture. He’s like “wtf, leave me alone, douchebag.”

  5. Look at the Photo of Khan. He seems pretty indifferent to this said issue.

    Khan would never know how it feels or even understand what it even means to have the wi fi connection named after him.

    He knows these things…..

    1. I am sleepy

    2. I am hungry

    3. I am full but I will eat any way

    4. Shiny

    5. Scuttling

    6. Wandering the apartment like a post apociliptic dog when the apartment needs a spruce up

    7. Being a ladies man

    8. Soaking in attention from large groups of people by doing barrel rolls

    Khan does not know of his Birthday

    Christmas politics religion .. he may though know that he is a Cat

  6. I suggest that you start naming other things Khan until Housemate sees the error of his ways.

    For example, “Is Khan clean or dirty? Where shall I put my dishes?”

    And, “Hey, move over, you’re hogging the Khan.”

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