Vancouver water not really from Ontario

Nathaniel Christopher

Throughout the Olympics I’ve really been impressed by the presence of other Canadian provinces and Territories in Vancouver.  It’s good to see and feel the presence of the different regions of Canada. It’s a lot more substantial and real than a series of provincial and territorial flags neatly assembled at some public space.

I really think that that’s a diversity is a huge part of Canadian identity and  geography plays a huge part in that.

Yesterday I was downtown and noticed this cute truck advert at the corner of Robson and Homer:

Compliments of Ontario, Canada

My first thought was “how nice!” Then I read it and thought “hmm! I didn’t know that Ontario provided water to Vancouver. Neat!” Then I thought “Hmm… maybe this is  a statement about our public water and how Ontario water is better…”

Then I turned to a lady wearing a trillium emblazoned sweater who was packing up water bottles and Ontario pins.

“Is it true that Ontario provides metro Vancouver with water,” I ask.

“Oh no,” she says smiling. “It comes from that fire hydrant right over there. It’s very local water.”

Vancouver fire hydrant

Still,  I thought it was pretty cool to see a physical presence of Ontario right here in Vancouver. The water wasn’t from Ontario, but the sentiment sure was.  Adverts of British Columbia normally tout the natural or “God-given” beauty of the land.  That was accidental and speaks nothing of the human accomplishments out here. I think a kind gesture, like a glass of water, speaks more about a place than some over the top nature photos.

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