Khan is misbehaving!


Khan is a very well behaved cat, but once in a blue moon he gets in the mood for some mischief. Today was a perfect example.

This morning I woke to the sound of a rattling treat bag.

Khan on Couch

My brother, who’s crashed out on the couch, tells me that Khan had grabbed the treat bag from the shelf, carried it with his mouth to the middle of the hallways and attemped to shred it open with his teeth for the better part of an hour before I woke up.

I was a little annoyed. Not that Khan had got to his treats or that he was mangling the bag. I just hate being woken up an hour before my alarm clock is supposed to go off.

So, I grab the treat bag from Khan, put it in my top drawer where he can’t get it, shut the drawer and fall back into bed.

If I were to turn around I’d see Khan’s sad, treat-deprived expression. I’m sure he was pissed off because the next thing I know Khan marches into my bedroom from the hallway parks himself in front of my clean laundry and vomits at the base of the bin. He then walks right out as if to say “You want my treats so badly? Here! Take the snacks I’ve eaten thus far!”

This was the first time Khan’s puked in months. So, I’m inclined to believe it was his way of registering his disapproval of me.

We made up by dinner, however, when I treated him to a special Thanksgiving turkey dinner complete with gravy and stuffing.

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  1. PS.. The turkey was very very good. It was cooked to perfection and the carrots were heavenly.

    We left no left overs. Even Khan got in on the act of eating Turkey.


  2. I was not, “crashed out”, I was sleeping. Who the fuck made comment number 2?

    Khan is actin nutty cuz he needs a series of tubes on the ceiling to run in.

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