Imaginary tea with Beth Ditto

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She’s one of my new favourite artists.

She’s a lesbian. She’s a fucking awesome entertainer. She has incredible fashion sense. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her (no, she really doesn’t). She once said “Women aren’t cats, we aren’t pets, we are just people trying to cross the freaking street to get an ice-cream.”

Beth Ditto.

Here she is singing the new song “Heavy Cross” with her band Gossip.

This song was running my iTunes right when I fell asleep, so I guess it kind of seeped into my dreams. I had a dream about Beth Ditto last night.

Beth and I were having a tea-picnic on a blanket in the middle of the highway in my neighbourhood.

We were both wearing these fantastic outfits right out of a 1970s re-enactment of the 1890s.

There weren’t any cars on the highway – just people, kind of floating by with all their own ideas, thoughts and so forth.

For a moment I stole myself away from the tea and focused on the passersby. I felt a little exposed, sitting there, having this wonderful gay tea on the highway with this new friend.

“Beth!” I shout. “What if those people pass judgement on us? What if they say something about how we’re dressed or how we act or how we are?”

She looks at me absolutely dumbfounded. “Nathaniel, they couldn’t possibly pass judgement on you or I.” She smiles. “There’s lengthy process for that. First they’d have to stop what they’re doing and ask for our permission, which we would then have to grant.”

She let out a chortle and shook her head at my silly nonsense. Our tea carried on unharried until the morning.

It was a nice dream.

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  1. It was some new one… first issue. I think it was called Love? I saw it at Chapters downtown just the other day. I may have to sneak back to get it.

  2. I saw her naked on a magazine yesterday! I was so impressed, I almost bought it… except it was $20. Since when are magazines $20?

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