Cooked a roast… for the first time!

Roast Beef
My first roast beef!

Tonight I cooked a wonderful roast for the first time.

Last weekend my friend Geordie cooked himself some roast beef. He made it sound easy. I always assumed that making a nice big roast was a long, drawn out affair taken on by ailing matriarchs in a last-ditch attempt to maintain family unity.

If he can do it, I thought, so can I. So, tonight I did.

It was the first time I cooked a roast and it turned out so well that I may do something like this every Sunday. This may not be a big deal for some, but it makes me feel  confident about my ability to keep house. Like too many people in this city I eat out a lot and if I do cook it’s something I just have to heat up.

But last month my friend Dolly was talking to me about the advantages of buying your own food, cooking it and having fun with recepies.  Her and her boyfriend eat pretty good stuff and almost never eat out.

My friend Sherry Udall was online at zero hour when I decided to go through with it.  She gave me a lot of advice on what temperature to cook it at, how to prepare the vegetables and how long to put it in for.

All the instructions online seemed to be aimed at people who know how to cook. There’s very little on the basics of cooking a good, Canadian Sunday meal. I guess you gotta get that information from the source.

The roast turned out well! My brother liked it, although Khan was more interested in his fishy cat food.

The roast was delicious, but the best side dish of all are the many wonderful friends I have who inspire me in so many ways every day.

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