Kathy Griffin in Vancouver!

Nathaniel Christopher

I saw Kathy Griffin tonight!

I really enjoy her comedy and identify with her act.

Like myself she’s so obnoxious, inappropriate and pisses off a lot of people. But instead of rushing to an ADHD doctor… she goes on tour! She makes a CD and so forth!

Kathy Griffin strikes me as an incredibly hard working, focused, and ambitious career woman. It was cool to actually see her in person and just imagine what it’d be like to be 12 rows away… in her shoes.

I know she’s been at this theatre/improv career things for over 20 years. It’s what she loves and it’s obvious she’s great at it. I really need to do what I need to do to maintain and improve my career as a journalist. But I’m not sure exactly what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

Anyways, had a couple of crappy days at work so I thought a Kathy Griffin experience would light up my spirits a bit.  And it did. She was funny.

A short video clip from Kathy Griffin’s show. I used Housemate’s camera for this.

Canada, she made quite a few Canadian references, which I really thought were intelligent and witty. Apparently she did an interview with Much Music at a distinctly Canadian place: A Japanese Restaurant in mall across from an Earl’s.

The best part was the dishy gossip about celebrities.

  • Clay AIkin is a drama queen that parades around with an oversized entourage which includes his brain-dead cousin. Oh yeah, he was rude to Kathy.
  • Cher has a huge house and a bitch assistant. Cher’s unfamiliar with “regifting” and her real hair is, in fact, long black Cher hair.
  • Taylor Swift is like 6′ tall and beautiful. She stared daggers at one of the Jonas Brothers during her performance at a Grammy concert.

I do hope to see her again in concert. It was a riot.

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