New clothes!

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So… I desperately needed new pants. I have two pairs of jeans that fit and both are full of holes. One pair has a pretty big hole in the under-croch area. If I’m wearing a decent pair of underwar it’s not a big deal, but if I wear my threadbare boxers it gets really cold and exposed down there.

Over the last three months I’ve gone on at least two aborted shopping attempts where I go to the American Eagle buy the required jeans and then realise I’ve spent too much money and return them.

But last week the rips in my jeans became larger. I could no longer wear them to work without looking like a total bum.  New jeans were a neccesity so I budgeted myself $100 to get a few half decent pairs.

So, I went to Lougheed Mall because there’s a good seleciton of stores but it’s not as huge, crowded and angry as Metrotown. I looked at American Eagle and noticed that all of their jeans were pre-ripped. So, I instead went to Bluenotes and bought two nice pairs of jeans for under $100.

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