Wisconsin Pasty Recipe

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This recipe comes from my crazy friend “Dr. Kamino” from Wisconsin. It’s for a pasty, which is a popular meat-pie thing in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. It is the funniest recipe ever.

Here’s one of his videos:

Pasty recipe by Doctor Kamino

you have to be doing multiple things at once to make this shit.

boil a big ass pan of water. throw in carrots, taters, peas, or whatever other kinda veggies you want in there. if you want onions or mushrooms or some shit like that, get a pan, some butter, and fry that shit up. oh yeah, cut that shit up first!

In another pan, brown some beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or whatever kind of god damn meat you want in here. really you can use anything. so long as it’s meat. season if desired at this point.

use your fuckin’ head. the amount of veggies n taters n shit should be DIRECTLY proportional to the meat mixure.

meanwhile, make a batch of pie crust. You’ll need several, if you make a decent enough sized pot of filling.

pie crust = 1 cup shortening or lard, 2 cups flour, 1 tablespoon salt, and VERY little water. mix the shortening, flour and salt together with your hands until it’s balling up into say, marble sized bits; add as little water as needed to clump it into a hueg ball; roll that shit out. i usually divide a pie crust batch in half and get 2 pasties out of it, but i dont’ make very large pasties. more like medium sized.

drain the veggies n shit; combine all of it in that big pot when the veggies can be stabbed with a fork and the meat is browned . mix it up, put it in the pie crust, fold it up, put it on a pan, bake it for a half hour or so at 400 degrees or so.

make some gravy. pour that shit over the top! butter if desired. enjoy!

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  1. Orly? I’ve never made them without meat, heh.
    and damn my hair was short in that video. eep eep.
    also, i’m typing this naked with a towel over my lap.

  2. Pasties are not really at all like meat pies because they don’t always have meat in them. Also, I have no evidence to prove it, but I once bought a cheese pasty in Manchester Piccadilly Station and had mild stomach flu not long after.

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