Please stop using Internet Explorer

Nathaniel Christopher 4 Comments

Yesterday my brother Gino brough to my attention the sordid state of my site as viewed on Internet Explorer 6.
My site looks good on Firefox or any other non-evil browser, but alas, it looks like shit on Internet Explorer. Everything is the wrong place and it’s all buggy.

I hate Internet Explorer so I thought “fuck it”, but when I look at who’s viewing my site it appears the vast majority of my readers (over 10,000 a week) are viewing this site on Internet Explorer 6!

Anyways, I decided to correct the bugs so my site would appear properly on Internet Explorer and that involved me manually fixing every single post going back to 2001.

Kindly consider using an altnernate browser.

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  1. nathaniel… you need to buddy up with my dad. he is all about being anti internet explorer. perhaps i shall listen to him and you some day.

  2. IE is a horrible program. Why can’t they just agree on the same standards that other browsers use? Really, what’s wrong with Microsoft?

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