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Well, it looks like the NDP came home with 37 seats tonight. Not bad.  The most surprising gain in my opinion, took place in Alberta. Look at this map of Alberta very closely. It appears to be a big spread of Conservative blueness. But if you look really closely at the Edmonton area you’ll notice a faint orange patch:

That’s Edmonton Strathcona where it appears the NDP candidate, Linda Duncan has won! It really goes to show you that anything is possible. Even in Alberta, the evil heart of Canadian Conservatism, progress can prevail. It’s worth noting that this area is represented by the NDP on the provincial level as well.

Linda Duncan, NDP

This is the first time the NDP has won a seat in Alberta since Ross Harvey won in Edmonton East back in 1988.

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  1. another big story about these elections, aside from the fact that the green party nearly doubled their lead, or that the electorate does not make any sense when a party that holds 10% of the national vote has 50 seats and a party that holds nearly 7% has zero seats, is the strides made by women politicians. Awesome!

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