Canada Post vs. Nathaniel

Nathaniel Christopher 3 Comments

So, when I opened the mail today I received a letter in the strangest envelope.

It was a cheque I was expecting, but there was no return address and the postal marks were very strange. It was stamped as “Short Paid Unit” and something about 104 cents:

There was a little card stapled to the back which read: “Postage Due: With this card you received mail that was sent without enough postage. To avoid delay and inconvenience, the amount due was not collected at the time of delivery. Please affix postage on the other side of this card to cover the amount due, and mail the card.”

I put two stamps on the back and will put it in the mail before five. I should probably invoice the place that sent the letter for $1.04! It was lame for them to forget postage! Heh What do you think?

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  1. Justin: When I paid the bill the post master was actually surprised. He said that most people just ignore those notices! How much did they want from you?

  2. I received the same card attached to a letter a few months ago. My reaction was that Canada Post should be collecting the postage due from the sender, not me. I didn’t ask that they send the letter to me – it seemed that they were taking the easy route and hoping to collect a dollar from me for a service I didn’t ask for.

    I sent the card back to the postmaster with the comment: “you’re kidding, right?”

    I have yet to receive a response from them.

  3. I’d bill them if it doesn’t cost more to do so in the long run. At the very least bring it to their attention. They should know about their ignorance.

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