The first email I ever received

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This is the first email I ever received. It was from my brother in response to my suggestion that we go to McDonald’s with money that I had quickly obtained earlier that day with minimal effort. “Kal’s store” was this dirty corner store that was ridiculously overpriced.

A screencap of Yahoo Canada from late 1997. I used their services in the late ’90s.

This was sent the day I signed up for an email account. We used the computer labs at Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo. Back then it was a free-for-all. You didn’t have to sign in and they were open pretty late.

Re: Mc donalds


Gino Christopher (*****


Friday, December 5, 1997 6:30 PM



Welllll, since it is Friday…. how many $$$

Let’s go to Kals store instead “Best prices in town.”

and buy our own MEEE – ELS.

IE: Ice Cream $8.99!!!!!

Piza Pops: $8.99!!! ( Box of 2)

25 cent candies only 75 cents!!!!!!!

….. I will place my hat

on my concussion and dance,       P.S

I’m going to Portland and I will…..


So yes or no

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  1. I remember writing this E – mail. It was the same day I first got my yahoo E – mail account. We were chatting back and forth that night using E – mails. That was the first E – mail I ever sent. The last par about the concussion was a Leonard Cohen poem.
    Most people looking at that E – mail would be confused. I admit it was a little strange. The last part about Portland was true. I was planning to go to Portland but that did not work out.

    I still have that email in my Yahoo E mail account. I am assuming Nathaniel got this E – Mail from MY E – mail account.

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