Conservative Party typo on campaign signs!

Nathaniel Christopher 4 Comments

I can’t be too harsh with them, as I’ve written and published many things with glarings typos.

But this one is too good to resist!

The Conservative Party candidate for Burnaby-Douglas is Ronald Leung. There are two very prominent signs for him on an empty lot at the northwest corner of Hastings and Willingdon. The candidate’s website is listed as “”. That is obviously an error. His other signs list as his website. “” was probably placer text on the original file. I guess they were in such a hurry to put two signs on every lot that they forgot to check to make sure the information was correct.

Hmm… You know the Conservatives tend to put misinformation on their campaign literature, householders, and bills so it’s no wonder that one should slip up on the sign of a c-list candidate.

Ronald Leung's errant sign

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  1. That’s funny. I’m glad the error appears on a conservative sign and not an NDP one.

    One lesson I’ve learned as a graphic designer is to NEVER use placeholder text for this exact reason.

  2. That is way too hilarious. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that! I mean, I get off the bus pretty much right in front of said empty lot. I must go out and look today!

    You have just made my morning.

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