Overpriced muffin scandal

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I was at the mall yesterday and thought it’d be a nice idea to enoy mmmuffins. For my non-Canadian readers that’s a chain of muffin stores in Canada. They are all in mall food courts.

I used to go there all the time growing up, I’ve always enjoyed their muffins but yesterday something happened.

I order a wild blueberry muffin and it’s $1.73 with tax.

The muffin is kind of small, like the size of a home made muffin that didn’t rise properly. It’s a bland, dry, lard-based muffin that doesn’t go very far. Worst of all, when I ask for butter the lady only gives one packet. Places like McDonald’s always give me two. And the packet of butter is barely enough to cover one side of the muffin. For shame!

You’d think that a chain that’s been specializing in muffins for the last 30 years could make them really, really well. But frankly, the muffins at Starbucks and most grocery stores are waaaay better, and often cheaper than those at the Brentwood Mall mmmuffins.

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  1. MMMuffins! I haven’t had one of those in 10 years. I used to skip class to go up to the University to bum change and then buy a whole bunch of mini chocolate chip muffins.

    One time somebody who I had asked for money saw me buying muffins and said “hey, you didn’t have to say it was bus money, if you were hungry you could have just asked.’

    Worst part was that he was soooooooo sexy. I was just a punk kid skipping class to smoke cigarettes and eat muffins with other people’s money, lol.

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