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I went to my favourite butcher today (Save On Meats on East Hastings) to get some hamburger meat and buns. Unfortunately they have a five dollar minimum on their Interac, but I only needed $3 worth of meat and $2 worth of buns.

Save-On Meats in Vancouver.

No worries, right? Wrong.

The bun section of the butcher is a different store with its own till. I would have to buy the buns at the bun counter and the meat at the meat counter. I couldn’t pay for both at one.

This put me in a very bad position. I only had $6 in my bank account so I couldn’t buy a bunch of stuff to make the minimum $5 payment.

That’s when the butcher guy saved the day. He gave me two dollars in change to take to the counter and buy the buns. “Just pay me back the next time you come in,” he said with the warmest smile.

Now I only needed to buy the meat, but I only needed $3 worth of it. I didn’t need $5 of meat. So the lady there pointed out that the butcher sold cheese so I got $2 worth of sliced cheese. That way I could have cheeseburgers.

It was a wonderful treat. I even cooked a little hamburger for Khan. I usually don’t give him human food as it usually makes him puke but today was a special day.

Khan relaxing on the floor.

It was five six months ago today when he came into my life. Before I got him I was worried that I’d be a bad cat owner and not pay enough attention to him. But in reality it’s been a wonderful match. He’s put on a bit of weight, and is quite affectionate and trusting of me.

He’s a great kitten.

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