Fame is getting to my head!

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I was up all night Googling my name and stumbled upon a quote from a short article I wrote last year about a documentary film called Fatherhood Dreams, which is about gay dads.

Most Canadians may support same-sex marriage, but many are still uncomfortable with the idea of openly gay men raising children

– Nathaniel Christopher, Xtra West Magazine Nov 8, 2007

Although it’s not unusual to find my shit online it is the first time I’ve seen someone use one of my quotes to promote or highlight their product or piece of art. It’s awesome! I feel like an “expert” or someone in the know. Pretty soon I’ll see my quotes on the back of C-list novels and post cards!


A screencap of my quote on the director’s website.

Click here to see the actual site. It’s a friggen brilliant film by an incredible filmmaker and documentarian, Julia Ivanova. I wish this woman offered courses. She’s a genius.

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