Happy Canada Day


It’s Canada Day! W00t!

It’s 3:43 p.m. my brother Gino woke me up at about 3:13 to take a phone call from my friend Janean. But yeah, I’ve been sleeping for like 14 hours. When you wake someone up to get the phone at an ungodly hour the polite thing to do is to tell the person on the other end “I’ll just go get him for you, just a moment.” But I don’t think this happened because when I picked up the phone Janean apologised for waking me which must mean that Gino gloated the truth to her. Oh well… on one hand this might be considered slightly rude but I really appreciate his candor. There’s no shame in being someone who sleeps all day. I’m a “Person of Night-Canadian”.

I had some fucked up dreams too. I dreamt I was working for the Canadian government in the Foreign Affairs Department, handling Canada’s diplomacy. I was at the funeral of some Cambodian rebel for one part of the dream and then I had no idea what the fuck to do next so I went to the library to learn how to do my job. All the books were really out of date. By the end of the dream  I had to meet with the Queen but decided to go to Dairy Queen instead. At that point the world came to an end with a giant wave. I woke up and got the phone.

Now I’m going to eat the rest of the ice cream for “breakfast”.

I am a resident of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada who has blogged here for 20 years. I like to share my thoughts and feelings on my own online space. From 1998 until 2017 I worked as a journalist and I hope to use this website as an archive for all of my stories.

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