I’m getting fat!

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I’m 6’0 and… 200lbs.

Yup, I crossed the threshold today. I was weighing Khan and noticed an increase in his weight. “My baby boy’s getting fat!” I said, but then realized it wasn’t my kitty who needs a diet – his treats are low-fat – but me.

Here’s the proof:

I am getting fat

No stunt fatty was used. Those are my two feet right before they ran out the door to borrow a copy of “The South Beach Diet”. Basically it’s one of those risky diets where you just cut out all the food you love.

I’ll start it as soon as I get paid next.

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  1. Actually, I’m not. All the healthiest stuff – vegetables, dairy, meats and so forth is on the perimeter of the store whereas all the prepackaged junk is in the aisles. Dolly never gives confusing advice.

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