Vancouver’s best burger

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I love burgers. Whenever I go out to eat I usually eat a burger or pizza. I’m a pretty simple guy that way.

But I do have standards – I like GOOD burgers. I used to eat burgers at Vera’s, a Lower Mainland chain, but they are kind of expensive.

Save On Meats in Vancouver. Photo taken in March 2008.

I always thought they were the best… until today.

There’s this great butcher in the Downtown Eastside, right next to the Army and Navy. It’s real old school, right out of the ’50s. They have all kinds of awesome food products that I haven’t seen anywhere else in Vancouver. My mother, Eileen, goes there to buy Australian cheese from time to time.

Burger and fries at Save On Meats.
Burger and fries at Save On Meats.

Anywhoo, today I wandered in and discovered this wonderful lunch counter in the back. If any of you remember the old Woolworth’s lunch counters, this is pretty much the exact same thing. They sell these great 1lb burgers, made from high-quality ground beef purchased right at the butcher in the same building.

Coffee shop at Save On Meats.
Coffee shop at Save On Meats.

For $5 you get two thick patties, a big serving of fresh cut fries and a Coke. And when you eat it it just melts in your mouth and you feel as though you’ve just had something healthy. No McDonald’s headache.

The Save On Meats Coffee Shop is located at 43 West Hastings in Vancouver. Get the burger and leave a big tip – working women are generally overworked and/or underpaid.  If you don’t live in Vancouver, then come and visit and I’ll treat you!

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  1. Holy crap! I was just totally thinking about you, Alina, even sent you an email… and then you are on my blog at the same time. Our wires are crossed.

  2. i went there today and almost made it to the counter, but then i remembered that i had to run and be somewhere else entire. We should go for burgers. My favourite burger joint is on 41st and Maple at a place called the Red Onion.

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